About us


Rock Roll 'n Soul is a brand with a simple mission and objective. Design market and distribute an authentic premium clothing brand that appeals to rock stars their fans and discerning customers. The rock 'n' roll image, attitude, and mental state of mind is part of an extreme lifestyle.  Amateurs need not apply. Fashion and music is all about being unique and not having to look, act, or dress like the rest of the world.

Rock Roll 'n Soul was built on our core strengths. Product design, close relationships with musicians, celebrities, and athletes as well as experiencing what it takes to live your entire life with some of rock 'n' roll's greatest memories. We look forward to having you become a part of Rock Roll 'n Soul. We will bring a new generation along with the old together across the globe and put a little rock 'n' roll into everyone's soul. 

The worst time we ever had was awesome...